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Products Nane ZEBEX Z-6070
Models Z-6070
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- Dual-laser technology
Enables an unprecedented 32-line scan pattern and 2,400 scans per second for lightning quick, accurate reads.
- Z-SCAN technology
ZEBEX proprietary real-time hardware decoding enables instant recognition and decoding of 1D barcodes.
- Large scan field
45 degree scan angle for improved effectiveness and productivity.
- Single-line scanning capability
Able to switch to single-line mode to avoid erroneously reading wrong barcodes.
- Barcode Stitching
An applied logic for deciphering and rebuilding damaged and truncated barcodes, increasing first-pass reads and ensures high throughput.
- Instant "objective-fly-by" automatic wake-up
Reduces power demand and extends scanner life; scanner goes into automatic sleep mode when not in use, but "wakes up" at the pass of barcode.
- Rugged scan window
Durable scan window in CR39 to sustain from dropping.
- Easy on-site configuration & upgradeability
Simple setup using either a Windows-based program or a barcode scanning-based guide; with electronically erasable flash memory to ensure easy on-site upgrade.
Light Source Dual 650nm visible laser diodes
Depth of Scan Field 0 - 216 mm
Width of Scan Field 45mm x 2 @ Contact, 218 @ 216 mm of depth
Number of Scan Lines 32
Scan Speed 2400 scans per second
Scan Pattern 8 directionals of scan field
Minimum Bar Width 5 mil @ PCS 90%
Print Contrast 30% @ UPC/EAN 100%
Indicators (LED) Programmble two-color LED (green & red)
Beeper Operation Programmable tone and beep time
System Interfaces Keyboard, RS-232C, USB 1.1, Wand
Height 181.5 mm
Depth 89.5 mm
Width 85.0 mm
Weight 245 g (stand excluded)
Cable Standard 2m straight
Tilt 8 degree forward; 6 degree backward
Input Voltage 5VDC +- 10%
Power 1.35 Watts
Operating Current 270 mA @ 5V
Laser Class CDRH Class IIa: IEC 60825-1: Class I
EMC CE & FCC DOC compliance
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60
Humidity 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Light Levels Max. 4000 LUX (Fluorescence)
Shock Designed to withstand 1m drops