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Joyful technique CipherLAB C1000 CCD Scanner
 the Taiwan joyful technique hand-hold CCD bar code microreader
 view design is exquisite, the volume is small, the weight reads
 the code performance to be good lightly, regarding low PCS value bar code, especially obvious  CipherLAB 1000 CCD bar code scanner parameter list
model: 1000K (keyboard connection) 1000R(RS232) 1000USB1.1
power source: Voltage +5V 10%
electric current:
 85/75mA- is biggest/Normal 90/80mA 110/100mA
environment: Temperature operation: 0--50
humidity: Operation: 20%--90% (non-condensation)
saves: 10%--95% (non-condensation)
anti-depreciation: 1 meter concrete ground
outward appearance: Size L167mm * W79mm * H53mm
weight: 250g 260g 265g
outer covering: ABS
switch: Rubber switch
Installment: Optics examine 2048 picture element
photosources: 660nm thioindigo red LED
resolution: 0.125mm
scanning depth of field: 0-30mm
scanning width: 67mm
PCS 0.45
scanning velocity: 100 times/Second
scanning angle: First 40 º, latter 70 º
about each 25 º
illumination environment: 1200lux(Sunlight perpendicular incidence)
2500lux(Sparkling jade-like stone light)
Characteristic: Keyboard connection
automatic detection: In sets at the keyboard simulation, may be possible to read the bar code directly with
the notebook computer connection: Code39/Full ASCII,Italy Pharma Code,
French Pharma Code,
Industrial 2of5,Interleave 2of5,EAN8,EAN13, UPCA,UPCE,ADDON2,ADDON5,Codebar,Code93,
Decoder: 16 Position CMOS CPU
display:  Buzzer: Volume, frequency programmable
LED:The correct read for red, the normal state is programmable for
the green:
Function:Code system recognition symbol, prefix, suffix, code long, code system, keyboard layout,
 buzzer volume, frequency, ISBN/ISSN/UK may transform,
 between the character the time delay, the scanning way, the terminal type, the language,
 the overtime, the baudrate, the data position, entire/Half-duplex
Data edition:
Function: Supports three data edition way
 (code system, data length, conforms to string of character and position)
 the data may divide into 6 sections, but also may attach the additional section
 data segment transmission order programmable user edition field transmission order
PC/AT language English(US),English(UK),French,Italian,Belgium,
 Authentication:FCC class-A,CE, C-tick
  application domain:Commercial POS, automatic inquiry system, welfare lottery ticket