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Products Nane CCD-80SX Infrared Barcode Scanner
Models CCD-80SX
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Detailed Product Description
CCD-80SX Barcode Scanner

General Features:
1.Shock Proof : The Scanner can withstands a 1.7 meter drop test.
2.Light Weight : The Scanner weights only 118 gm.
Wide range of decoding : The Scanner can read almost all current barcode sysmobologies.
3.Multi-Interfaces : The Scanner's built-in decoder supports keyboard Wedge (PC/AT, PS2), RS232. Options available for Mac, Wand, OC1A etc .. Model/Feature/Benefit:
1.Model : CCD-80SX
Fuzzy Decoding : Through fuzzy-logic technology, the scanner is capable of reading the worst printed barcodes.
Benefit : Fuzzy decoding can decode a range of poor quality printed barcode.
e.g. Poorly printed, blurry, out or range, copied barcodes etx...
2.Model : CCD-80SX2
In additon to above....
Touch and on : The Scanner comes with a sensor switch that will automatically trun the scanner "on" when handled.
Benefit : The Scanner is easy to use with no triggering action especially when in used frequently.
3.Model : CCD-80SXV
In addition to all above...
Vibration: The Scanner vibrates when a barcode is read successfully.
Benefit: The Scanner is ideal for noisy environments(like production florr, shop..), the hearing imparied or when silence is required (like hospital, bank...) or when you don't want to disturb your co-workers.
Application : POS, Cash Registers, Inventory Control, Factory Automation....