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Products Nane GY-D5000 Printer
Models GY-D5000
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    Adopt EPSON M-U110I and original printing head; Faster printing speed and better reliability; Half easy paper loading structure; Solid shell with thickness of 3mm makes the machine more durable; Highly integrated CPU increases the reliability of control board; Support black cursor positioning function; Compatible with ESC/POS and the same kind of printer; Optional black and grey;
    capability index :
    Printing way: Nine needle row type bidirectional printing;
    Printing density: 42CPL-210(Entire spot)420(Least bit), 40CPL-200(Entire spot)/400(Least bit);
    Printing speed: 16CPL time 7.1 line/sec.;40CPL time 4.1line/sec.;42CPL time 4line/sec.;
    Printing width: 42CPL-42(77)/35(57)40CPL-40(77)/33(57);
    Paper Advance speed about 100mm/sec.;
    Black sign detection: Black sign India slots right in the bill frontage,The black sign high(along walks highly paper direction) 5mm,Width least 12mm;Black sign partial indeces of reflection <= 10%,Is printed with black sign other parts of indeces of reflection >75%;
    Inked ribbon: boxshaped Inked ribbon ERC-39 purple or black(EPSON or other compatible  Inked ribbon );
    Printing reliability: 9,000,000 lines(MCBF),Must use the printing paper which the factory assigns to assign the inked ribbon;
    Roll spec: The high-grade ordinary white paper or presses the sensitive paper, paperwidth: 76.2 0.5mm , Outer diameter maximum:80mm;Inside diameter least:10mm;  Paper thick ordinary paper 0.2 5 mm,Presses sensitive paper,First scroll paper N40(paper thick 0.06mm,paper quality47.2g/m2),Second line paper N60(paper thick 0.08mmpaper quality68.0g/m2);
    IBM character set II: 77point or 57point;
    International I,II class Chinese characters storehouse quantity: 24X24point; 3.00(width)X3.00(high)mm;
    Serial interface: DB25 plug(pass), RS-232 Compatible,Support  DTR/DSR, Asynchronous serial communication: 9600bps/19200bps;eight-bit data bit,one-bit stop bit;
    Parallel interface: eight-bit lpt, BUSY Handshake agreement,PE EOF detection,¼Connection plug use D-SUB 25 line plug(Needle);
    Cash box control: DC12V,2A,6 line RJ-11 faucet;
    Power source: DC24V,2A;
    external dimension:245(L)150(W)133(H)mm
    Weight: 2kg(barring scroll).