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    GY-POS58B bill printer touch key function and easy program installation; 14ppm print speed will satisfy personal and commercial needs; Reasonable easy paper loading structure and easy to maintain: Low noise. The driver printing mode can achieve the same high speed printing as the mode of invoking the hardware character library; Support different density bitmap and downloaded pictures printing: Support various bar code printing; Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction set; Parallel and serial interfaces are optional as communication interface; Black and Gray for choosing.
    capability index :
    Printing way: Line -like hot sensitive;
    Printing speed: 70mm/sec or 19line/sec ;
    Printing width: 57.5+-0.5mm;
    Printing density: 384spot/line or 8spot/mm;
    Print head life: 50KM;
    Serial interface: D-SUB25 line electrical outlet(pass),  Baudrate:9600bps;
    Parallel interface: D-SUB25 line electrical outlet(Needle), Bidirectional parallel connection£¬ eight-bit lpt, Support BUSY Handshake agreement, 6PIN Centronics Bidirectional parallel connection,eight-bit lpt, Support BUSY Handshake agreement;
    Printing paper type:Hot sensitive printing paper;
    Roll spec: paperwidth: 57.5+-0.5mm; Outer diameter maximum:¡é65mm; Inside diameter least:¡é12mm;