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Products Nane GY-T58P Printer
Models GY-T58P
Sort GY-POS FITTING Set OfSet of 3 :POS03
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    Original EPSON printer movement with a reliable quality and a good public praise. The biggest durable gear among all the easy loading paper printers. Steel structure, durable and long-term usable; Open-settled lower gear, easy for maintaining and dust cleaning. A stainless steel shield integrated with paper tearing machine is settled over the movement which has a function of dustproof. Supported by hardware plate arms, upper and lower gears interlock firmly which can prevent from deforming and breaking. Paper roller, diameter of which is 80mm, can be loaded so as to increase work efficiency. Easy loading paper design. Covered insert slot and interface; Three-phrase outlets facilitate the connection with other cash registers; Control Board is put upside down to prevent dust and short circuit.
High performance CPU with high processing speed. Black and Grey appearances available.
    capability index :
    Printing way: Line -like hot sensitive;
    Printing speed: 50mm/sec.;
    Printing width: 57.5+-0.5mm;
    Paper processing mode: hand rip;
    Paper out detect: photoelectricity sensor;
    Print head life: 50KM;
    Roll spec: paperwidth: 57.5+-0.5mm; Outer diameter maximum:80mm; Inside diameter least:10mm;  Paper thick: 53-60Gram/Square meter;
    ANK character set: 12X24point; 1.25(width)X3.00(high)mm;
    International I,II class Chinese characters storehouse quantity: 24X24point; 3.00(width)X3.00(high)mm;
    Serial interface: D-SUB25 line electrical outlet(pass), Support TS/CTS; Baudrate:9600bps, Data structure:one-bit start bit+eight-bit data bit+one-bit or upwards stop bit;
    Parallel interface: eight-bit lpt, BUSY Handshake agreement,PE EOF detection, Receptacle plug Using D-SUB25 line electrical outlet(Needle);
    Cash box control: DC12V,1A,6 line RJ-11 faucet;
    Power source: 9-12V,2A;
    external dimension:198(L)X120(W)X112(H)mm;
    Weight: 1kg(barring scroll).