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Main Features:
# Streamlined integrated appearance
# Programmable keyboard; German CHERRY keystroke which can be pressed as many as 50 million times
# Support internal Magcard (1-2-3 tracks optional)
# Ordinary ATX power supply with better quality and more convenient for maintenance.
# Provide external hard disks,, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive and power interfaces to facilitate the installation and maintenance of software and copies of date.
# Taiwan OEM luxury cash box, 3-shift lock, appended with cash insert slots

Standard Configuration:
# Main board: POS special board, 1 parallel port, 2 serial ports
# CPU: VIA C3 800 above
# Memory: 128M
# Hard disk: 80G
# Printer: GY-POS58P high speed thermal printer
# Display: 10.4 inch LCD
# Customer Screen:
  GY-08V VFD 8-bit digits, Chinese character customer screen
# Cash box: GY420 top graded cash box
# Keyboard: Programmable Keyboard with 77 keys
# Network Adapter: 10/100M auto adaptive
# Power Supply: 200W huge power supply

Optional Configuration:
# Main Board: , 1 parallel port, 4 serial ports, 4 USB ports
# CPU: VIA C3 766 above
# Printer: Stylus Printer
# Customer Screen:
  GY-1008L LED 8-bit digits, Chinese character customer screen
  GY-1011L LED 11-bit digits, Chinese character customer screen
  GY-220V VFD 5*7 dot matrix, 2*20 English character customer screen